We’ve switched membership platforms – To purchase/renew your membership, click here and select Create Account to create your username and password and then login. Once logged in, you can select your name to update your profile and contact information.

If purchasing or renewing a Family Membership, please note – Before registering yourself, secondary and children, the Primary Member should click here to create your account – Once you’ve created your account, login and select your name and then Relationships to add your family members to your profile. 

Please Note – Usernames, just like email addresses need to be unique. If you receive a notification that the username already exists, you need to choose a different username – You can use your email address as your username.

Three ways to join the United States Canoe Association

You can join USCA or renew your membership online using your credit card by clicking here.

This method is quick and convenient. There is a processing fee ($1 plus 5.0%). For example: on a $20 membership, the processing fee is $2.00.

Or 2: you can download an Interactive Membership Application Form.  Fill it out on screen, print it, and mail it with your check to USCA‘s Membership Chair.

Or 3: you can download a Membership Application Form. Print it, fill it out, and mail it with your check to USCA‘s Membership Chair.

These last 2 methods extra costs are a 66c stamp, paper/printing/envelope, gas and car (probably), and some extra time.

Affiliated Clubs, Please Note
Affiliated Clubs must, when they join or renew, submit a membership roster with their application. If you have questions, please email Lynne McDuffieUSCA Membership Chair.

From USCA’s Rules & Regulations: Dues

A. The following Membership Classifications shall be set by the Delegates:
Dues effective as of April 1, 1995. *Added 1/10/98, Amended January 2023.

FAMILY: $30.00
JUNIOR: $5.00 (Electronic Only)

B. Dues location differential:
(1) Canada and Mexico – Dues to be paid in U.S. funds plus $5.00.
(2) All other countries – Dues to be paid in U.S. funds plus $10.00.

C. Dues shall be approved by the Delegates at the Annual meeting.

D. Dues are for the calendar year. (January 1 through December 31.)

E. Dues which are received after October 1st of any calendar year grants a membership in the Association during the balance of that year and the subsequent year. Voting rights, however, commence in January of the subsequent year.

F. Members failing to renew their membership by December 31st of any calendar year shall be deleted from the membership roster.

If you have any questions, email Lynne McDuffieUSCA Membership Chair.

See you on the water!