Event Sanctioning and Insurance

The USCA supports the precautions that local, state, and federal government agencies recommend regarding COVID-19 mitigation and expects all events to comply with the restrictions in their area as long as these precautions are in effect.

Event Sanctioning and Insurance


At its 54th Annual Meeting, held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the United States Canoe Association (USCA) Board of Directors voted to continue the Event Liability insurance Program for 2021 for USCA event organizer members. As a Nonprofit organization, USCA’s has maintained very competitive rates with no increase to our members for many years. Due to the steady increase in insurance premiums and participant rates especially in the last three years, it is necessary for the premium rates for our members to be increased slightly. USCA will continue to provide the event organizers with affordable liability insurance and participant accident coverage for your events to help keep amateur paddlesport active and growing. Insurance for canoe, kayak, stand-up paddleboard, and outrigger canoe races provide important protection and peace of mind to event organizers. Workshops, on-the-water demonstrations, canoe and kayak cruises and FreeStyle Canoeing Symposia and other events are non-competitive events covered by this program.

USCA also insures Instructor Certification programs including classes held by certified Trainers and/or Instructors. A separate packet is being developed and will be announced soon.

The USCA Insurance Program continues to be underwritten by the K&K Insurance Group | Sports Division. USCA continues to partner with Specialty Insurance Consultants, LLC (now owned by NFP Property and Casualty) to administer the USCA Insurance Program. The USCA Program Account Manager works directly with the USCA event organizers for all their insurance needs with oversight by USCA officials. The insurance coverage includes General Liability coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence with $2,000,000 per occurrence of Excess Liability coverage. The General Aggregate is $5,000,000 per event.

The USCA also provides an insurance program for USCA Affiliated Clubs who want to have an Annual Liability Insurance coverage for their club’s activities. This liability insurance program is for canoe clubs, kayak clubs and outrigger canoe clubs. The USCA’s program permits member clubs to get year round insurance for all of their activities off and on the water including training, practices related to canoeing and kayaking and ancillary activities related to the operations of the club. Download the Year Round Insurance Packet to request this insurance coverage. The club must have current USCA Affiliated Club membership.

To access the USCA Event Insurance Program, you must be a current USCA Race Sponsor, Affiliated Club or Business Affiliate. Your 2021 USCA member number will be verified before you can access the program. If you are not a current member, see Step #3 below. All insurance requests must arrive at the office of the USCA Program Administrator no less than thirty (30) days prior to the event. if you have never held a sanctioned race or cruise before, please include your event flyer with the request to permit time to review the event information and to verify USCA sanctioning requirements have been met.

Please DOWNLOAD the appropriate 2021 Insurance Packet for your needs and SAVE THE FILE IN YOUR COMPUTER for easy reference.

Download 2021/2022 USCA Event Insurance Packet – Includes FreeStyle Symposiums (updated 2/22/21)

Download 2021/2022 USCA Club Year Round Insurance Packet (updated 2/22/21)

USCA offers insurance coverage for 5 types of Canoe & Kayak and other paddlesport events:
• Racing (Competition) Events;
• Cruising (Non-competition) Events;
• Practice/Training Workshops (Non-competition) Events;
• Clinic (Non-competition) Events;
• On-the-Water Demonstration (Non-competition) Events.

Step 1: Download the entire Event Insurance Packet for 2021. Please read the Sanctioning Requirements for your specific type of event as they are very important. You will need to print out and display these requirements at your event site. You must adhere to the safety rules. USCA has tried to make these insurance request forms as simple as possible and include the necessary information needed. Review PAGE 8 and follow the Insurance Program Checklist!

Step 2: Fill in and send only the two pages of the INSURANCE REQUEST forms you need. The PDF forms are interactive. Fill in online, print, sign and mail the completed forms to the USCA Program Account Manager at the address at the bottom of the request form with a check made payable to USCA. All Forms must arrive no less than thirty (30) days prior to your event. All new events must be reviewed and sanctioned (approved) as USCA Sanctioned by the USCA Advisor. If you have any insurance questions or need assistance, please contact the Insurance Program Account Manager, Garrett Freihage. Email: garrett.freihage@nfp.com or phone: (206) 957-6565.

NOTE: Currently, mail can take at least 7-10 days from the eastern states and the mid-west to arrive in Seattle, WA where the insurance office is located. If the insurance request arrives less than thirty (30) days prior to the event, certificates may not be issued in time for your event. Please plan ahead.

Step 3: You must be a current USCA member with the correct type of USCA membership (listed below) in order to apply for USCA event insurance. Ensure that you have the right type of USCA membership for the event. Membership categories that can sponsor an insured event are as follows:
A Race Sponsor membership entitles you to apply for RACES (Competition) or CRUISES (Non-Competition) as Sanctioned Events.
An Affiliated Club membership entitles you to apply for RACES, or CRUISES or PRACTICE/ TRAINING or Clinics as Sanctioned Events (Required for the Annual Club Liability Insurance). FreeStyle Symposia are conducted by members of the Affiliated Club.
A Business Affiliate membership entitles you to apply for CRUISES, CLINICS or ON-THE-WATER DEMONSTRATIONS (non-competition) as Sanctioned Events

(Not a current member? Click here to join on line – or – Click here to download a membership form

Step 4: The Insurance Program Account Manager will send the insurance certificate(s), the waiver/release form and other information to approved event organizers. After the event, completed USCA WAIVER FORMS must be mailed to the Insurance Program Account Manager within fourteen (14) days after your event, with any additional fees, if applicable. The USCA Insurance Program covers those athletic participants who have signed the USCA WAIVER/RELEASE FORM which has been RETURNED to the USCA Insurance Program Account Manager.

You may obtain an ADDITIONAL INSURED certificate(s) up to 30 days prior to your event, please see the appropriate pages for details and pricing. Some public parks, boat landings, etc. are now requiring an Additional Insured certificate before permits can be issued for your event. Send the request and appropriate administrative fee with your insurance requests to the USCA Insurance Program Account Manager. If not sent with the insurance request, please provide sufficient information to identify your event when you send the form to the Insurance Program Account Manager.

Please read and fill out the material carefully. USCA wants to sanction your event and have you insured properly.

Please note, the waiver forms for 2021 have been revised to cover the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Do not use any waiver forms from previous years. Also, the Insurance Program Account Manager will send this form to you with the certificate(s). The waiver forms are not posted on the website or contained in the insurance packets.

Thank you for your support of the USCA and the USCA Insurance Program.